She taught me all I know about sex and made me a sex addict- Twitter user recounts horrible experience with ex 


A Twitter user has taken to his handle to recount how he got hospitalized due to the heartbreak he suffered from his girlfriend.

In his narration, @jaiyejejeomo stated that he walked into his woman having sex with another man. He said this same lady broke his virginity and turned him into a sex addict.

His post read;

”I’ve been hospitalized because of heartbreak before. I met her on the bed riding another guy and moaning and sweating and riding so hard. It’s wasn’t a joke. It was so painful and hard to deal with for months.

You know why it hurts to bad. She broke my virginity. She thought me all I needed to know about sex.. She made me a sex addict. I’m FREE Now!!!

I don’t know d spirit dat entered me. Immediately I enter d scene, I was dumb & I went back to stay at d entrance.. Then they separated, d brother came out in a rush, I tried to shake his hand he ignored & walked away… And there is the LOML at the corner of d room crying

Enough!!!. Thanks for reading my rant. Pls give me a follow is you wish”


She taught me all I know about sex and made me a sex addic t- Twitter user recounts how he was hospitalized after walking into his woman having sex with another man

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