Sextape: Rec0rding yourself while having sex, do you think It is a good idea?



Following all this sextape leaking scenario up and down……..which high profile individuals in Nigeria have been victims, while some lives have been lost, shatter because of that.

I do ask myself, why are people recording such nasty things on their phones? ………….is there anything special in recording things that can still put you at risk later in life? we should ask ourselves!

That makes me ask, what’s the logic there? Is it the feelings that blindfolded them or what? It’s your private life and it should be kept private. Because I don’t understand, videoing yourself while fu*king is something else, and still keeping that on your phone is another thing entirely……’s stupidity!

We all know, our gadgets are not secure anymore, your phone can be accessed by an unauthorized person at anytime even the one you authorized can be your worst enemy!

Because I don’t know why people are recording it, well, based on my research: “Some people said, they do that to know how they are doing it after the act, you know you can’t remember how the thing dey go again but when you record it you will see how the thing dey go later”.

Others said: “You know when you’re horny you can watch the clip”


Do not in any circumstance permit yourself to be video taped in any kind whatever within the name of affection or fun. the results will be very disastrous! Beware!


Do you think it makes sense to be videoing yourself while having sex?


                         Drop your comment, let others learn!!!

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107 Responses

  1. Having sex is a private affair (unless you are a pornstar), so having one’s sex tape out in the world, I agree, is stupidity at its peak, as earlier highlighted, some may say they enjoy watching it again, but it’s still stupid cos anything can happen, to one’s phone, it can be stolen, it might get damaged that one would have to take it to repair which would automatically give the phone engineer access to the info on the phone, and most of all, the internet never forgets, this moment, it might appear as fun to the people doing it, but it might speak in the future, most especially on their children, imagine a celebrity whose sex tape was leaked and has a child in a school, the child’s friends and colleagues might decide to mock him/her, or if the child does a single mistake, his celebrity mother or father’s sex tape might be used as a reference to say something like “no wonder you are so stupid, wouldn’t blame you, your mother is a whore, that is why you are also behaving like one” this kind of statement can plunge such a child into depression when he/she becomes a laughing stock in the school and society at large just because of his/her mother’s/father’s actions, and we all know, depression is the road to commotion suicide if care is not taken.
    So, when someone (most especially a parent) wants to do something, he/she should think of the bearing it would have on his/her child(ren).

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